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Stephanie Phua

She’s the type of person who would ask you a lot of questions about your backstory. Meows to random cats at times.

Tries very hard to maintain a blog at


Jomaine Koo

You probably saw her in TBP’s “viral” F&B video. No, she didn’t eat all of that food in one day. But she is capable of doing it. 

Also has an insatiable appetite for crafting. Check it out at Shop Average Jo.


Joy Oh

Pugs are her main weakness, followed by alpacas. If there’s one person who has her finger constantly on trends and sending us memes, it’s Joy. She also our Snapchat queen and a hardcore Carouseller.


Gracia Lim

The fittest of us all, Gracia regularly attends touch rugby practices and gets muddy while winning matches. She might be small, but she's our little chilli padi. Mighty, and might make you tear.


Vanessa Hang

More of a thinker than a talker, Van enjoys making observations and understanding behaviour.  In her own words her biggest obsession is to 'get it right'. Also has a true calling for daydreaming and a weakness for Hokkien Mee.