Duo Studio

Mouseover for funzies.

Stephanie Phua

She’s the type of person who would ask you a lot of questions about your backstory. Meows to random cats at times.

Tries very hard to maintain a blog at stooffi.com


Nina Chua

When she’s not coming up with crazy campaign ideas, Nina believes in the greater good of enriching her team and clients with her puns. Nina also has a penchant for buying amazing items for the greater good of DUO’s prop inventory.

You could PROP-ably call her the in-house prop specialist :)


Joy Oh

Pugs are her main weakness, followed by alpacas. If there’s one person who has her finger constantly on trends and sending us memes, it’s Joy. She also our Snapchat queen and a hardcore Carouseller.


Vanessa Hang

More of a thinker than a talker, Van enjoys making observations and understanding behaviour.  In her own words her biggest obsession is to 'get it right'. Also has a true calling for daydreaming and a weakness for Hokkien Mee.


Valerie Kwee

Val is an artist at heart and a Disney songstress at karaoke. When she’s not belting out to High School Musical, Val pens creative illustrations for our clients.


Maria V

Maria has a penchant for cute things, and is a fellow Disney songstress. When she's not producing work for Duo, she's either producing awkward noises or doing kpop dances.