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Hello, we are Duo.

We can throw you the buzz words. But we’re choosing not to.

We’re a no-fluff, small and flexible agency that’s all about creating bespoke social media content. We’re not afraid to get personal with our clients, so that we can tailor our content and creative strategies to suit your brand and consumers.

We started this agency because...
We did our rounds around agencies and we got tired of making stuff we weren’t proud of. Selling people things they didn’t need. We wanted design to be smart, functional and fuss/fuzz free. We wanted social to mean more than just slapping stock photos into templates. We also wanted the flexibility to update ourselves as fast as platforms updated themselves. 

So one day, we thought, why not. It made perfect sense. We’ll just stick to us so that we can be flexible. We can fight our own battles. We can push for better design. Better social campaigns. Do it the right way. Think big, execute sexy, have fun. Cut the bullshit. Dance a little.


BTW, here are some of the awesome brands we work with: